A Positive Change In Lifestyle

At Newport Heights Manor, we have created a comfortable lifestyle tailored for seniors who favor the amenities of Orange County. For residents, we offer as much independence as possible, along with customized care. For family members, we offer the opportunity to take better care of themselves and live their own life again, while still being actively involved in the life of their loved one.

Our community is designed to encourage social interaction, along with physical and mental stimulation. Our residents share community areas with one another. At the same time they receive the individual benefits of their own "Personal Care Plan" and their personal living quarters.

Plus, we always include priceless intangibles that are essential to a fulfilling life: concern, companionship, compassion, respect and human dignity.

Comes In Simple Packages

At Newport Heights Manor, we keep our fees simple. To accomplish this, we combine as many services as we can into two inclusive packages that start at:

Private Bedroom $6,000
Shared Bedroom $4,000

Families Prefer ''Inclusive''

We find that these packages work much better than charging a low base fee and then itemizing each bath, snack, hair combing, etc. Those type billing systems create too many opportunities for mistrust and mistakes. Also, service fees can skyrocket very quickly.

Our residents and their families like this pricing system, too. They know in advance that their monthly cost will be fair and consistent. Plus, family members appreciate the fact that they will not find their loved one skipping a needed bath or a nutritious meal in order to save some money. (Yes, that will happen.)

Making A Decision You Can Live With

Caregiving in your home can be difficult and exhausting. It demands time and energy, action and patience, planning and flexibility. It can also bring about tremendous rewards, such as strengthening relationships, sharing love or loyalty, fulfilling a promise, relieving guilt, providing the opportunity to be needed and saving money.

Hopefully, the demands and hard work can continue to be offset by the personal benefits. However, there comes a time for many caregivers when the balance tips the other way. They become physically and/or mentally overworked. The stresses negatively affect their health, attitude, relationships, career and more. Eventually the stresses affect their ability to be a caregiver.

We know the process of making a care decision is very difficult and varies from family to family. If you have any questions, please give us a call or e-mail through our Contact Us page. Also, you may want to take advantage of some of the links to the right that can help you with your decision -making process.