We Offer Plenty Of Extra Touches

There are many things we do on a regular basis that are ingrained into the culture of Newport Heights Manor. Some address the care of our residents. Others address their life-style. Each takes into consideration what is best for the individual and what is required in their care plan.

Some of these things are fun, like helping a resident to improve their balance or celebrating their birthday. And honestly, some are no fun at all, like incontinence services. However, they are all necessary elements in providing superior senior care.

Here are some of the other everyday services that our residents (and their families) are happy to utilize and are thrilled that we offer.

Our Passion For Caring Includes...

  • We provide 24 hour care, assistance and supervision that allows our residents to feel at ease and more confident.
  • We offer assistance with bathing. (For those who need the help.)
  • We work closely with physicians who consult with us and the family members about many aspects of our residents' care.
  • Podiatrist and dental services are available to residents at Newport Height Manor, if they choose. It's convenient, plus, the doctors take the time to speak one-on-one with our staff.
  • We provide respectful and compassionate incontinent care.
  • Whoís turn is it to do the dishes? Itís always our turn. That goes for the vacuuming and all the other housekeeping chores. We do the laundry, too - both linens and personal.
  • We arrange convenient transportation to doctor visits, lab tests and other medical appointments.
  • Variety on the tube. We offer satellite TV, movies and a wide variety of music for the residents who enjoy those forms of entertainment.
  • Letís party! We help and encourage our residents to celebrate holidays, birthdays and other important occasions.
  • The independence to roam our grounds freely, yet still have the safety and security that is built into our community.
  • Sometimes family caregivers just need a little break! We offer respite care that allows a senior with dementia to stay with us on a temporary basis. This gives the caregivers a chance to rest, recharge and catch up on the other things in their life.